Drought Watch: No Water Restrictions for Bellevue

In our drought watch coverage we take a look at a Texoma town that doesn't have water restrictions. Residents in Bellevue can't remember the last time there were restrictions.

In a time when nearly every week we hear about another city going into restrictions we took a look at one town that has plenty of water, and learned why that is.

The clear water that pours out of the faucets in Bellevue not only tastes good, it remains unaffected by our drought.

"Good wells I think," said Bellevue resident Cris Well. "We've never had any trouble with wells
running out that I know of."

In Bellevue, there are three wells in town that everyone gets their drinking water from except those that have their own. In the decades the wells have been in place they've never once gone dry. Some attribute that to the aquifer the water comes from, others like the city
manager who we talked with off camera says residents don't have to be told to conserve, they already do it.

"Even when it's hot and dry I don't water in the middle of the afternoon, I water early every morning like at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m.," said Richard Fenoglio.

For Cris Well water is a precious resource, that's never wasted.

"Eat, bathe, and drink water, everyone once in a while I will wash a vehicle," said Well.

Bellevue is also a small town with less than 400 people. There are also only a few businesses in town, and those businesses use very little water. Click here for Texoma water restrictions.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.