Community Service Champion: Small Things Make A Big Difference

Driving a car and mowing the lawn are things that may seem small to most of us, but they can mean the world to someone with disabilities. Especially when someone with a kind heart takes it on themselves to do these things for them. Lindsey Forst learned about a Texoma man doing just that. He's going above and beyond to truly be a community service champion.

Larry Teel can fix things, build things, move things and more. He's a sort of handy man and he's using his self-taught skills to help those around him. That's why he's this month's Community Service Champion.

"Never asks for anything. No money, no gas, does it out if the goodness of his heart," Dave Stroup said.

Stroup is a disabled veteran who suffers from severe migraines. He met Mr. Teel while working at Sheppard Air Force Base. Over the years, they've worked together, gone to church together and built a friendship. But, Stroup said what Mr. Teel does for him goes beyond the expectations of a friend.

"I was so sick. I can't get out in the heat with my migraines and he came over and cut my lawn all summer. It seems like a small thing but to me it's a pretty big thing. I'm an adult and I should be able to take care for myself but sometimes I have a hard time with things. He's willing to come over and do something small," Stroup said.

Mr. Teel routinely maintains his church lawn and has also taken Stroup and others to the V.A hospital in Oklahoma City.

"I never know when my migraine will kick in and when I have a bad one I can't drive. He's been willing to do that anytime," Stroup said.

"There's people who work hard and don't have what I have and I enjoy giving and seeing them enjoy it. It makes me feel good," Teel said.

When he's not installing freezers or donating lawn mowers for his church, he's busy working on home projects for families in need.

"Things are simple when you really look at it. I go to Lowe's and Home Depot and get books or take classes. I've laid tile and help others do that and they learn from you. It carries on. They may have grown up without a dad, like I did, and they just haven't had people to lean on or show them how to do things. I enjoy doing that, teaching people," Teel said.

Mr. Teel said he learned the importance of helping others from his mother and that his wife continues to inspire him to give back. It's a quality instilled in him by those around him and hopes the same things will be true for those in his life.

"My kids and my grand kids and I'm hoping it rubs off on them to give to people," Mr. Teel said.

"Some people talk a good talk but Larry walks the walk. He does it through example. He doesn't just do it through words," Stroup said.

Each month, Newschannel six is recognizing one person who goes above and beyond in our community. Then, this November we will hold a banquet honoring those chosen and we will announce our Community Service Champion of the year.

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