Absolutely Incredible Kid Day March 21

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day March 21

March 21 marks Camp Fire's 17th annual Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. This national letter-writing campaign to honor children has been deemed an overwhelming success by child care experts, educators, celebrities, leaders, parents and kids everywhere.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day has touched millions of people in the seventeen years since its inception. Many elected officials, celebrities, sports heroes and noted psychologist endorse Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. Visit the national Absolutely Incredible Kid Day Website at www.campfireusa.org/a i kid day/ to view letters written to America's youth by these individuals and more.

To get involved with Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, contact Camp Fire North Texas at 2414 Ninth Street or call 322-5209.

This year, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day happens to be the same day we celebrate Camp Fire's 103rd birthday with a big party at Harrell Park at 4 p.m. that afternoon. Birthday cake will be served and lots of activities are planned for the children and youth in Camp Fire.

Help Camp Fire celebrate America's children by writing a letter to the kids in your life. It's a simple gesture whose impact can last a lifetime.