Local Car Wash Gets Affected By Drought

Local Car Wash Gets Affected By Drought

Business for one specific car wash is booming but they are still experiencing one major set back.

The all American Car Wash is making a splash now that Wichita Falls residents are not allowed to wash their cars at home because of the stage three water restrictions.

Customers say they're dropping off their cars here for one specific reason.

"I know they recycle the water and right now we need to save all the water we can save," said a Wichita Falls resident.

And another regular customer says "When I wash mine it takes up a lot of water. Normally I don't pay any attention to it but this has you thinking and now that I see how much water I use it's better to come here and pay them."

All American is the only car wash in town with a recycling system that drains off the water and filters it before re-using it. In fact only 30 gallons of water are used per car where as at home you could be wasting up to 150 gallons a car.

"We just use the fresh water when we do chemical applications and stuff but with everything else we're able to use recycled water," said Chris Ayers, the general manager of All American Car Wash.

But Ayers says stage three restrictions have forced him to shut down the car wash on Kell Blvd. on Tuesdays and the one on Southwest Parkway on Thursdays. They've lost about 1,000 costumers between both locations that would've come in on those days. But that's not even the big problem.

Ayers says, "If it rains on a Monday and our scheduled day to close is Tuesday, we still have to close that Tuesday because that's our assigned date to close so if it rained today and we didn't have to close on our assigned date that would help us quite a bit."

Thankfully employees have been able to keep working on their normal hours. Whenever a location is closed they work on maintaining the facility or they get transferred to the other location.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6