Pocket Knives OK'd On Planes

Pocket Knives OK'd On Planes

Small pocket knives are among a list of items recently approved by the Transportation Security Administration to be brought on board planes.

The other items include novelty-sized and toy bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs as part of carry-on baggage.

Pocket knives brought on board must be less than 2.36 inches (or 6 centimeters) in length, and less than a half inch in width.

Public Affairs Specialist for the TSA Luis Casanova said knives of that size were deemed not as dangerous as other threats. "We want to focus our resources on those areas that are truly a threat, or rather a catastrophic threat to an airplane, such as explosives," said Casanova.

Casanova said TSA agents search 1.8 million passengers and their luggage, every day nationwide. They collect 750,000 prohibited items, and half of those are small knives.

The decision will align the United States with international standards that currently allow these items to be taken on board.  It goes into effect on April 25th.