Calm During The Storm

Calm During The Storm

An eight-year-old boy with high anxiety about severe weather met with Skywarn Six Meteorologist John Cameron to quell some of his fears.

Gavin Grinie has been overcome by fear of severe weather since he was caught in a storm without warning about a year ago.

"Any time the wind would blow or there was rain, he would go into like full-blown panic attack and hyperventilating," said Gavin's mom Christina Norris.

Norris contacted Newschannel Six after a counselor suggested anxiety medication, and Norris did not feel comfortable with that option.

Gavin met one-on-one with John Cameron about how storms are tracked and the seriousness of storms in the area. "The best thing to know, absolute best thing is, most every thunderstorm that will ever go over Graham is not going to hurt anyone," said Cameron about the town where Gavin lives.

After a sit-down conversation, Gavin got to have some fun in front of the weather wall. He also got to take home some information packets and other things to help him with his anxiety. "He gave me this little rain drop. It has a scared look on its face and whenever there's like strong winds and stuff, I just squeeze it," said Gavin of the squishy toy Cameron gave him.

Norris said the meeting has helped Gavin better manage his fears. "He's not so obsessed with the weather anymore," said Norris. "He just kind of watches it now and he'll say, 'OK, it's not going to be a tornado, it's just rain or it's just clouds.'"

The Skywarn Six Weather Road Show is traveling Texoma to help others like Gavin. Click here for the full schedule to see when the Skywarn Six Weather Team will be near you.