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New Pope Reaction

Millions in Rome cheered in excitement as a New Pope was selected. I spoke with a local head of the church, Father Jack McKone of Sacred Heart to get his reaction on the new Pope. he told me, "It's very exciting. Especially for the first time we have a Pope from the America's, and a Pope from Latin America...he's like his predecessor a deep thinker and both theologian and philosopher".

When asked what a new Pope will mean for Catholics, Father Jack replied, "I think it gives us clarity and a reference point. We have a concrete example of, the Persona Christi to look to, the figure of Christ.

One gentleman spoke with me about his feelings concerning the new Pope. He said, he was "A little excited because, it's nice that they chose a Latino Pope, it's really cool that they made that step. I am a little disappointed that they picked someone so conservative, but looking at the conclave and everything that's not really that surprising". The conclave lasted just two days as Cardinals felt pressure to elect a new leader before the arrival of Holy Week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Many wonder why the Pope chose the name Francis. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, Father Jack said he was surprised the name Ignatius wasn't chosen, because Saint Ingenious was the founder of the Jesuit Saint Ignatius. He also said the Pope may have named himself after Saint Francis of Assisi, which would mean that he will be sensitive to the needs of the poor.

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