Counterfeit Cash Is Circulating In Texoma

Counterfeit Cash Is Circulating In Texoma

Businesses in Vernon are on high alert because recently many people have been buying items with fake cash.

Allsup's Manager Sissy Hulen says she's had two people pay for items with counterfeit bills in the last two weeks. She says the biggest problem is the store's corporation doesn't allow employees in Vernon to use marker pens that can help spot fake ones.

"It's been at all three Allsup's. There one that got a $100 bill yesterday. We've gotten two of them on two different times. We found out at the bank one day when we went to do our deposit," said Hulen.

One of Hulen's employees found the other one when he was counting money after the store had closed. Vernon's chief of police says Walmart, McDonald's and the Dollar General store have also been victims of this counterfeit trend. He says the stores have mainly received fake twenties.

"They were smaller than the regular twenties. They were really thin. They weren't as ruff as the normal $20 bills," said Hulen.

Electra's Chief of Police Johnny Morris says just a few weeks ago one of his officers stopped a man named Justin Williams for speeding in the area. It turns out he had drugs and 7 counterfeit bills in his pocket that he made using a computer, good quality paper and a printer.

"The feel is usually what gives away the counterfeit money. It just doesn't feel right, it's too slick," said Morris.

He says they're also shinier. But there are other things real bills have that you can't see in fake ones. A real bill has a water mark on the left side that can be easily spotted if you hold it up to the light. They also have blue and white strips. But there's another thing employees should keep in mind.

Morris says, "They'll counterfeit twenties, fifties and hundreds because those are easier to pass. They'll buy a $5 item and they get $95 of real money back."

Investigators haven't been able to link Williams to any of the counterfeit cases in Vernon because the serial numbers on the bills he made don't match the ones found in that town.

Towns in Texoma are communicating with each other to find out where these fake bills are coming from.

Businesses should contact law enforcement immediately if they think they have a counterfeit bill so police can investigate.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6