Bees Invade Home

Bees Invade Home

Imagine living in a house with four people, five dogs, and twenty to thirty thousand bees. That's the nightmare this family had to endure. I went to the house to get a closer look. On the eleven-hundred block of Ireland Street, sisters Kay Stone and Erica Jones, along with their husbands, lived in the house for only two weeks, and said they never knew the bees were there. Kay said, "I told my husband I was gonna go check up on the dogs. And I saw the dogs rolling, I seen them yiping. And then I ran in there and tried to get them off them, but I couldn't because I was getting attacked". Then Erica told me about her experience, "they covered me then hurried up and put me in the police car and they wouldn't let me out he had to take me all the way over here just to let me out of the car. I was in the cop car for about an hour", pointing to the house at the far end of the block.

David Potter, also known as the "Bee Man", owns a concrete company, but says bee keeping is his hobby; he was called out to the scene to help. I asked what he did when he arrived. "I sprayed them because I saw them attacking dogs, they were attacking people, the police was here, the fire department was here, they were being attacked", Potter said. Animal control was also, called to the house, for the family's five dogs. They were in the yard, and were first to be attacked. At least twenty to thirty bees were living in the exterior walls of the home. The bees are Africanized, which means when they start attacking they don't stop. "This whole block, the whole house and then the whole side over there (pointing across the street) was barricaded with them", Erica said.

Kay was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being stung over four-hundred times by the swarming army of bees. And despite the fact that she along with her sister and brother-in-law are allergic to the buzzing beasts, they say they will return to the home tonight against medical advice and what some may call common sense. I spoke to the Red Cross of Wichita Falls, who were also called out to the house. A representative told me they offered the family a place to stay and food but the family declined.

Unfortunately, I was stung on the ankle while talking to the bee keeper. And while talking to the family we had to break several times as we were chased away by bees.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.