Crime Rates Rise With The Temps

Crime Rates Rise With The Temps

Newschannel 6 has learned certain crimes increase when the weather is warm.

"When we have nice weather, we have more people out and about. They are at the mall, they're shopping, they're forgetting to secure their vehicles, they're leaving their purse in the front seat," said Wichita Falls Police Department Public Information Officer, Sergeant John Spragins.

Sgt. Spragins said the increase is seen in "victim-related" crimes, such as thefts and burglaries. However, he said these crimes are also relatively easy to avoid, but the burden falls on the individuals.

"If people would take more time to hide their valuables, lock their cars, that's going to take the opportunity away from the criminals," said Sgt. Spragins.

People are also more likely to be drinking, whether at home or out, when the weather is nice. Sgt. Spragins said alcohol consumption plays a role in a number of crimes.

You can also track crimes in the area using the WFPD tool

Christina Myers
Newschannel 6