Wichita Falls Housing Market Getting Busy

It wasn't that long ago that Wichita Falls was ranked as one of the best markets in the country for homes that retain its value. With spring just days away the market is looking even busier. Many Sheppard Airmen and women start putting their houses up for sale before they leave for another destination in the summer. It happens every year, but this year we are seeing some interesting changes.
Our housing market is very reassuring for home sellers like Chad Meyering.

"We were told before we came here that we won't make a lot of money here in Wichita F alls but we won't lose a lot of money so that gave us a lot of comfort knowing the market was very stable," said Chad Meyering.

In just about every neighborhood, the signs are up and right now so is our market.

"Some homes that we've put on the market we've had offers on them, 72 hours, 48 hours or within the first week," said Dee Ann Martin, Advantage Realtor Group.

She has been studying the market for years. Last month 101 homes were sold, that's up 11 houses from the same time last year. While that's not a drastic change what is interesting is the homes that are selling like crazy.

"The price range we're seeing a tremendous amount of activity is from $150,000
up to around $250,000," said Martin.

There's simply not enough of them out there which leaves buyers with fewer choices.
Still for Chad Meyering ,who will soon leave to another destination because of the military, he knows that the value he'll get for his prized possession will be much better than his loss in Washington D.C.

"In approximately 3 to 3.5 years the house lost its value by about $50,000 to $75,000," said Meyering.

That's something that you just don't see here.

A piece of advice that Dee Ann has is if you're looking to buy don't expect to offer a price that 10 percent or more below the asking value. She said offers like those don't go anywhere here.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.