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City government officials of Burkburnett find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They are having to make revisions to the stage three drought restrictions. Due to numerous calls from residents some rules, especially regarding sprinklers, needed to be changed. Currently the rules only allow the use of permanently installed sprinklers twice a week on certain days.

I spoke with I spoke with Tim James, City Manager for Burkburnett, who said the new rules will "allow hosing sprinklers provided the resident has an automatic timer. So it would be very similar to a permanently installed system". I asked him what the difference was between the two, and he replied, "The only difference between a permanently installed irrigation system and a hosing sprinkler is the automatic timers". The automatic timers ensure that residents won't forget to turn off their systems, which could result in a dramatic waste of water. Timers can be purchased and used with hose connected sprinklers making the rule more inclusive.

Amending the current restrictions to include the use of other systems also allows for more people to use water. I asked James whether this could work against the cities conservation plan. He said, "The goal is to achieve the same amount of water reduction that we have in our current stage three, but to accommodate our residents who do not a have a permanently installed irrigation system". James says, there's a good reason that they are just making these changes. "In 2009, I'm sure this level of discussion didn't even occur at that time. Because, we haven't had the chance to implement it. So now we're getting the chance to look at it and see and this is the concern that's been brought forward to our residents. And we need to make sure that we're consistent".

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.