Man Arrested and Charged for Crash Last Month

Man Arrested and Charged for Crash Last Month

A man involved in a car crash was arrested and charged last month.

Hayden Matthew O'Malley was charged with intoxication assault and paid the fee of his bond, which was set at $25,000.

On February 15th authorities were call out to a crash on FM 369 at Kovarik Rd. where 2 vehicles were involved.  One of the men had been transported to the hospital with what would later be determined to be a broken back.

The driver of the other vehicle, O'Malley, stated he wasn't injured from the accident.  When Police asked what happened, he said he stopped at Kovarik Rd., looked left, right, and left again before looking at his phone and texting.  Next thing he knew he was going up FM 369 and hit something.

He was slurring his words and smelled highly of an alcoholic beverage.  When Police asked if he had been drinking he said that he had drank less that a six pack.

When asked to give times and places as to where he had been before the crash, O'Malley said he had been to an AA meeting for 15 minutes before going to the Promise Land Bar on Scott St.  He claimed he was there for about an hour.

Police asked him to take the standardized field sobriety test and the results came back at 0.94.  The legal limit is 0.08.  O'Malley was then transported to United Regional to have a blood test taken, which he agreed to.