SCAM ALERT: Suspicious Salesman Rips Off WF Student

SCAM ALERT: Suspicious Salesman Rips Off WF Student

A crook pretending to be a salesman has been scamming people around Texas and now one of his latest victims is a student in Wichita Falls.

Julie Tonnu just wanted to get some groceries when she went shopping at the Walmart on Lawrence Rd. on Friday night. But before she could get inside, a young white male approached her claming to be a salesman named Josh K. He said he worked for a company called "Back a Winner" and he wanted to sell her magazine subscriptions so he could win a prize.

"He convinced me that he really needed to earn 35,000 points to win a trip and that by me purchasing these magazines they would be sent to the troops as well so they could have some leisure time when they're not on duty," said Tonnu.

The 19-year-old agreed to buy two subscriptions and needed to go to the ATM but he wouldn't leave her side.

The student says, "He followed me to the ATM as well and tried to offer to swipe my debit card into the machine also."

The salesman ended up charging her $92 for the two magazine subscriptions. He gave her a receipt and took all her contact information including her home address.

"He gave me information, a lot of details, he was really convincing with his story and he was really smooth talking so I believed every single word that he said," said Tonnu.

But something didn't sit right with Tonnu so when she got home she did some fact checking.

She says, "There were a number of reports from people claiming that this was a scam and that they were scammed by the same guy too."

Tonnu called the Wichita Falls Police Department and gave a description of the man who scammed her. She says he's about 5'5", very tanned, chubby and has short spiky brown hair. He has tattoos on his forearms with circles and numbers. On Friday he was wearing a pink striped button up shirt, light jeans and flip flops.

If you think you've been a victim of this or any scam you should call the WFPD at 940-720-5000.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6