Students are required to be in school a certain number of days each year, and there are no exceptions when weather gets in the way. People in Wichita Falls have expressed a myriad of opinions, about the schools make-up day falling on Good Friday.

Newschannel six spoke with Renae Murphy, Public Information Officer for the Wichita Falls Independent School District. She said, "every year the state requires inclement weather days to be built into the school calendar. We have two inclement weather days built into the 12-13 school calendar, and that was back in December of 2011. When that was adopted by our school board". A storm in December prompted the district to close schools for a day.

When asked for an opinion as to whether the district should have picked Good Friday as a make-up day the responses were again varied. Some saying it didn't matter and to get the days made up and others saying that day should be reserved as a day off. But despite many opinions, the school district says they have to comply with state regulations. They closed the school for safety reasons and the day must be made up.

There is still one inclement weather day available in the WFISD calendar, May 24th. If no more storms close school in between now and then, students will have that Friday off.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.