Road Rehab

Road Rehab

Some major roads in the falls are going to be tied up for a little while. The Wichita Falls City Council awarded a 3.4 million dollar bid for the 2013 Street Rehabilitation Project yesterday and the work will begin in about a month. Sections of some major roads are going to be re-paved including Kemp Boulevard, McNeil Avenue, Rhea Road, Barnett Road, and a few more will be getting some work done.

Despite the road work motorists won't have to worry about traffic delays. Newschannel six spoke with Blane Boswell Project Manager for Wichita Falls, who said, "We always make sure at least on our main roads that we have at least one lane of traffic in each direction. So they'll see some equipment, they'll see some signage and advance notification that there's construction ahead and to divert to the left or right lane". The city was able to get additional funding with this project. That money will be used to re-pave the parking lot at City Hall, but it won't effect parking. The contractor has to coordinate with the city to determine a weekend where no activities will take place at Memorial Auditorium. That project will be restricted to one weekend.

The project is expected to take about five months to finish, unless additional streets are added which could add an extra month or so to the timeline. Patience will be necessary not only for drivers but also for those who feel their street needs to be fixed.

The city is trying to do the best they can with the money they have. Boswell says, "we understand completely that everyone would like a new street. And there's plenty of streets out there that need to be overlayed or rehabbed and we're well aware of them. And we're constantly working and trying to get the streets in as we can see fit".

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.