Montague County Deputy Shot

Montague County Deputy Shot

Newschannel six has learned the suspect is 28 year old Evan Spencer Ebel, a paroled Colorado inmate. Wise County Sheriff's office says Ebel has been pronounced brain dead.

Twenty-seven year old, Montague Co. Sheriff Deputy James Boyd was shot multiple times during a routine traffic stop, just after 11am Thursday morning. Boyd was able to alert the department with details of Ebel's vehicle. Sheriff Boyd was taken to Harris Methodist Hospital where he was taken into surgery. Paul Cunningham, Sheriff of the Montague County Sheriff's Office says Ebel, driving a black Cadillac with Colorado plates, was spotted by Texas Department of Public safety Troopers and by Wise County Sheriff's Office Duputy's, who attempted to pull him over when a chase ensued. While in pursuit officers were fired upon and two police vehicles were struck; in one of those vehicles was the Decatur Police Chief. The chase started in Bowie on US Highway 81/287 and lasted about 15 minutes. Ebel was trying to change highways when an 18-wheeler struck his vehicle, but that didn't stop him. He got out of the vehicle and continued to shoot at police. The officers returned fire, shooting Ebel. The officers did not sustain any injuries, but Ebel was transported to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur and later air lifted to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

Ebel is also, suspected of being involved in two murders in Colorado. His vehicle matched the description of the car seen outside the house where a murder occurred. Sheriff Cunningham said, "I have myself talked to Colorado. There is some exchange going on between us, the Texas Rangers, and Colorado, investigating whether there is any possibility that they're connected." Colorado Authorities are heading to Wise County to determine if this incident is related.

Members of the community were in a state of shock, as they flooded the Montague County Sheriff's office with calls, in support of Deputy Boyd. Local churches provided food for members of the department. Sheriff Cunningham was choked up as he told newschannel six, "It's real sensitive to us right now because we are a small department...I've known James all his life so that makes it hard."

There will be a Press Conference Friday at noon, in Decatur to provide new information. Stay with Newschannel six as we continue to provide updates on this story.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.