Deputy Shooting Noon Press Conference

Newschannel 6 was at the Deputy Shooting Noon Press Conference in Decatur where Wise Co. Sheriff David Walker and Montague Co. Sheriff Paul Cunningham talked about the killed suspect and recovering Deputy.

12:26: Deputy Boyd was doing his job, he pulled the suspect over. He was able to talk on the radio after he was shot, and described the suspect and his direction on 287. It was good police work.

12:23: Wise Co. Sheriff David Walker: There were two different license plates on the suspect's car.

12:22: Wise Co. Sheriff David Walker: They need to look at biological evidence and trace evidence to determine if there is a link to Colorado. They are not sure about link to white supremacists groups. Boyd will be interviewed once he is healthy enough. Dash cam video won't be released until viewed by police.

12:19: Sheriff Cunningham: After looking at Deputy Boyd's dash cam video, it appears it was a drug interdiction stop. "We haven't been able to talk to Deputy Boyd a whole lot yet."

12:17: Sheriff Cunningham becomes too emotional to speak when asked about impact on dept.

12:13: Wise Co. Sheriff David Walker: There is a long list of agencies working together "good collaborative effort across the state of Texas and Colorado." He has no idea why suspect was in Texas.

12:08: Sheriff Cunningham says the black Cadillac suspected shooter Evan Spencer Ebel was driving is being investigated. As of now that's the only connection to the shooting in Colorado.

12 p.m.: Sheriff Cunningham says in today's noon press conference that Deputy James Boyd is doing great" "sitting up in bed and talking".