Deputy Shooting Hit Close To Home

Deputy Shooting Hit Close To Home

Montague Co. Sheriff Paul Cunningham was visibly upset at a press conference Friday, discussing the condition of his Deputy James Boyd.

Boyd, who was shot three times during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop, was "doing great" Friday morning. Cunningham also said Boyd was sitting up in his hospital bed and talking.  

Tears welled up in Cunningham's eyes as he talked about his relationship with Boyd's father, with whom Cunningham was childhood friends. "I watched (James) grow up."

During the press conference, Sheriff Cunningham had to excuse himself when asked about the emotional toll of this investigation.

Wise Co. Sheriff David Walker stepped in for Cunningham saying, ""Paul's department is much like our department, you know, we're not 4,000 officers strong. So the officers, deputies, dispatch, communication officers, EMS personnel and everybody become your family and your friends. When one is hurt, we're all hurt obviously."

Sheriff Cunningham described watching the dashboard video from Boyd's car as "horrendous," but said his actions made him proud.

"It took him a few minutes to regain consciousness and awareness of what was going on. He was able to get on his portable radio and call for help, give a description of the vehicle and tell them which way it was headed," said Sheriff Cunningham. "It was just astronomical under the circumstances and it actually led to the suspect being found."