Multi-Agency Involvement In Deputy Shooting Makes Investigation Easier

Multi-Agency Involvement In Deputy Shooting Makes Investigation Easier

Evan Ebel may be linked to killings in Colorado and that means several agencies are working this case.

There are more than 10 law enforcement agencies from Texas and Colorado that are working together to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place in this deputy shot investigation. At this point even the public is involved.

Wise County Sheriff David Walker says, "Any agency that has any information, anybody that has any leads. If someone calls the police department saying I was on highway 287 and I live in Wichita Falls and I saw this chase going by, we want to interview those people. We will continue to do that."

Montague County officials gathered all the evidence from the shootout in Bowie but since the chase ended in Decatur, the Wise Co. Sheriff's Office has the suspect's car in custody.

Colorado authorities rushed to Decatur immediately when they were told the suspect's vehicle had Colorado license plates. Now the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Investigation Division is in Decatur working with them, city officials and the Texas Rangers. The are gathering all the evidence they can find in the car. Then all the agencies will meet again several times to determine if indeed the suspect is connected to the killings in Colorado and decide what information will be made public.

"There's a lot of rumors which makes our job harder sometimes. Sometimes rumors are harder to go through. What we'll do is we will compile all of our information and in time we will come up with another press conference or something when the times right and we've had a chance to look at everything and go through it," said Walker.

Walker says having to work with so many people makes the investigation easier.

"When you have multiple agencies and you have multiple people in different counties and different states you can use that state representative and they contact who ever they need to.

The FBI and The Office of the Inspector General are also involved in the case.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6