W.F. Crime By The Numbers

While Wichita Falls Police were busy investigating a murder at North Scott Street & Sheppard Access Road, the public was busy reacting to the news.

One viewer went so far as to suggest bulldozing the entire area because of the perceived amount of crime. Others also expressed concerns about North Scott Street in general, so we took your questions straight to the WFPD.

Sergeant John Spragins said, "I think it is a safe area for citizens. We have had some recent crimes there, but if you look at the overall picture of the city of Wichita Falls, you'll see that crime is not the highest on North Scott."

Sgt. Spragins showed us a program that's also available to the public: Raids Online. Every crime reported and investigated by the WFPD gets categorized and plotted on a map of the city. Users can even filter the results to show certain crimes.

Selecting Homicide, Attempted Homicide, Sexual Assaults and Aggravated Assaults, North Scott and Sheppard Access returned only 2 cases over the last year. Father down Scott near Wichita and Lincoln Streets there were 9 more assaults.

Still residents we spoke with say the neighborhood just has a bad reputation. One resident who used to work at a bar near the intersection said, "I feel its a great side of town. I think it gets a bad rap for the few incidents its had. If you're out at a club at 4 in the morning there's obviously nothing good coming from it."

Areas of downtown between Broad and Brook, near 9th have a high crime density as do neighborhoods East of MLK Jr. Boulevard. Sgt. Spragins added many of the recent violent crimes were targeted at specific people and could have happened anywhere.

Another resident we spoke with said he believes crime isn't limited to specific areas. He said, "I don't think its any one isolated area. Certain parts of town probably have a reputation just from past experiences and what's happened in the past. I think its more widespread than focused.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6