Nocona Historic Building to Become Community Center

An old building in downtown Nocona will soon flourish with activities. Restorations will begin in just a few weeks to build it back to life. It's the old Justin Leathergoods Building. It's sat empty since the 1970's and it's been quite an eyesore for the community but soon things will change.

You can't mistake it. The old building in downtown Nocona. It doesn't fit in with the other shops nor do the other businesses share it's history.

"HJ Justin moved to Spanish Fort and started his leather business in 1879 then he moved to Nocona in 1889," said Nocona Councilman Bob Ferguson.

Justin Boots is one of the largest and most well-known boot making companies in the united States. They packed up and left town in 1925.

"Nocona Boots took over in 1926, Miss Enid Justin started Nocona Boots and this became Justin Leathergoods," said Ferguson.

Then in the 70's it became vacant. It nearly rotted away until now.

"Exciting things are happening here and we're always looking for a place to use as far as bands."

Several years ago the building was donated to the city and fundraising efforts began to restore this once historic building.

"When you turn the corner turning into Nocona we're going to have a clock tower on the corner of this building we're going do the exteriors where the windows will open in the summer and close in the winter."

The plan is for the building to become a community center. A place that will become the focal point of Nocona.

If you would like to help with donations you can visit the Nocona Chamber of Commerce website by clicking here. You can also contact them at 94.825.3526.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.