MSU Junior Puts Ideas to Work with Job Seeking Software

It won't be long before college seniors move that tassel and throw that cap. Right now many are on the hunt for a job. A Midwestern State University computer science junior helped create a website targeted to college graduates. It's called Forget Your

It allows users to create a personal profile that will promote students to employers.

Eric Binnion's apartment is where he puts his ideas to practice. is nearly everything you'd find on a paper resume, but online. The concept is that students can use the power of the internet to put themselves in front of the hiring managers.

"The cool thing that sets it apart from Monster or LinkedIn is that you're allowed to customize a message to a certain employer," said Eric Binnion who helped create the website.

It's that special message he said that will give graduating students that extra edge against their peers.

"Let's say I'm targeting Newschannel 6 so it can have a custom URL that says and once you come to that page I already have a custom message for the hiring manager."

With graduation fast approaching seniors are already preparing their resume and they know how important it is.

"On the jobs that I have seen where they want your resume attached and that's just your first impression on paper," said Sociology Major, Amy Diehl.

Now it can be online with a different touch.

"The software is free, the ideas are free and it's something that will remain free and we plan on building on it in the future," said Binnion.

If you want to create your own custom domain name you will have to paying for hosting. That can range from $5 and up.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.