Around 2:30 this morning, apartments on the 1200 block of Ridgeway Drive caught  on fire. The blaze quickly grew to out of control to three alarms. One resident said, "I told them to get up and get up out the house and as soon as we went to the stairs it was a big bunch of smoke coming from the bottom apartment."

One person was transported to United Regional with non-life threatening injuries. But, unfortunately two dogs died in the fire. David Collins, Fire Marshall for the Wichita Falls Fire Department said, "we were fortunate that it was confined to that particular part of the building." About 25 firefighters responded to the blaze. The department is now investigating what started it. Collins says, "we're not completely sure as to the cause of the fire. We've got the area of origin narrowed down to the living area."

Four units were destroyed, three of them were occupied by families. Collins says, the Red Cross did respond and they gave assistance to those families that were occupying those three units.

Newschannel Six spoke with other residents who saw the fire and stepped in to help.  One gentleman said he smelled the smoke,  "when I got out here on my front yard, I heard the glass breaking. And that's when I started beating on everybody's windows, getting them out. His wife also, jumped into action, making sure the children were out of harms way. She said, "I seen a bunch of smoke--flames, and that's when I just started grabbing up kids from these apartments and running them to our apartment." Whena asked how he feels knowing that lives were saved because of his swift actions, the gentleman responded, "I don't feel like a hero. I just feel like it's something I had to done."

The fire caused about 175,000 dollars in damages.