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Nearly 20% Of Teen Moms Have More Than One Child During Teenage Years

There are 365,000 teenage girls gave birth in the US in 2010 and almost 20% of them had at least one child already.

It turns out Texas had the highest percentage of these cases with 22%. The jaw dropping numbers were released in a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Texomans had different opinions on why this could be happening.

"Because there's nothing for them to do so they have sex, become pregnant and become moms," said a Wichita Falls resident.

Meanwhile another local resident says it all comes down to pregnancy prevention.

"Maybe the contraceptives are not very available to teenagers. It's embarrassing to talk to your family about it or it's expensive to get it yourself," said the Texoma resident.

There's actually a twist in the study. It turns out 91% of the teen moms used contraception after they became pregnant the first time. The problem is only 22% used birth control pills, the patch or the ring which are not considered to be the most effective. Experts say the most effective ones are hormonal implants, tubal ligation and a vasectomy.

The highest percentages of repeat teen births were among American Indian/Alaska natives, Hispanics and African Americans.


Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6

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