Texas House Of Representatives Debate Budget

Texas House Of Representatives Debate Budget

The Texas House of Representatives will begin a debate on a $93.5 billion state budget.

The latest version of the two-year state spending plan was scheduled to vote on Thursday.

Lawmakers have boosted spending over the last budget passed in 2011, when the recession caused revenue to plummet.  The legislature began the 2013 session with $101 billion to spend, and they have been able to restore more than $6 billion to the current year's budget.

The draft for the 2014-2015 budget would increase spending on education, but not enough to make up for the cuts made in 2011.

Democrats want to restore all of those cutes by tapping into the Rainy Day Fund.  Some tea party Republicans want to further limit state spending.

Lawmakers will consider 267 proposed changes to the budget on Thursday.