Residents' Rain Runoff Responsibility

Residents' Rain Runoff Responsibility

Runoff water from both rain and residents' watering can make its way to our drinking water supply, taking residents' waste with it.

"If you're North and West in the watershed, it'll run into our reservoirs and lakes," said Fred Hall with the Agriculture and Natural Resources County Extension. "If you're in the city proper, it follows the system through the curb and the storm water system and the process and then ultimately will go back into the river."

Hall said anything that is left in your grass can be washed away with rain or watering. He said chemical fertilizers people use on their lawns and in their gardens is the number one contaminate that comes from residents.

"If you are over-fertilizing your lawn, you'll see a lot of nitrogen that doesn't get absorbed," said Hall. Pet waste and oil from cars are other examples Hall said are often carried in runoff water.

"Put it into the sanitary landfill, or the disposal, or recycle, rather than when it rains let it disappear that way, said Hall.

The water is still safe to drink, because it is treated beforehand. Daniel Nix at the water treatment facility said they test the lake water after each rain event and make any adjustments as necessary.

Christina Myers