3 People Charged And Arrested In Connection To Vehicle Fire

3 People Charged And Arrested In Connection To Vehicle Fire

Three people have been arrested and charged in connection to a vehicle fire that took place on March 11th.

Jeffery Allen Justus, Neoma Doherty Justus, and Karlee Gilmore were all charged with second degree arson after lighting one of their vehicles on fire.

Witnesses at the club on McKinney Rd. said they saw two vehicles pull into the parking lot, and that one of them was now on fire.  The other, a red pickup truck had left with two subjects in it.

The deputies saw a black four-door Chevrolet Cruz behind the building fully engulfed in flames.  They were able to run the tag number and said it belonged to 60-year-old Neoma Justus.

Not long after finding the vehicle, Neoma Justus called into the Iowa Park Police Department and reported her vehicle stolen.

The police department knew the family and decided to go to her house.  When arriving they saw the red pickup truck that belonged to Jeffery Justus's girlfriend, Karlee Gilmore.  The lieutenant confirmed that they were both at the house.

On April 3rd the deputies interview Neoma and she denied any knowledge of who had stolen her vehicle.  When deputies confronted her with the facts of the case, she denied any involvement.

The following day deputies interviewed 30-year-old Gilmore with her attorney present.  She then gave a statement admitting that she overheard that 30-year-old Jeffery and his mother were planning to burn the vehicle because they were tight on money.

Gilmore said that she was driving her pickup truck and that Jeffery Justus was driving his mother's vehicle.

Gilmore and Jeffery Justus rented a motel room and in the morning she followed him to the back of the club.  There she said that he lit the vehicle on fire.

Gilmore stated that Jeffery called his mother after lighting the vehicle on fire and told his mother to call the vehicle in as stolen.

Jeffery Justus has his bond set at $100,000, and Gilmore's bond was set at $10,000.  Neoma Justus posted her bond of $10,000.