A bill that will allow teachers to carry guns in schools is gaining traction. Senator Craig Estes is pointing out that this large scale issue doesn't have a one size-fits all solution. "The whole point of this school safety issue is one size does not fit all. The large urban and suburban schools have the money to have security guards and professionals. The small rural areas do not," Estes said.

Not everyone will be allowed to carry and those that are will be kept a secret. Estes says money is not the only issue, "it's very well thought out. It's not a wild west deal. People are chosen they are anonymous who they are, except to law enforcement they know who they are. And the whole reason that they did this is because there's a 30 minute response time from Vernon to Harrold.

Schools in larger cities and suburbs have much quicker police response times, simply because of location. Estes says a person can wreak too much havoc in 25 minutes. Other school districts are now looking at what Harrold is doing. "There are now 11 rural school districts that are following the Harrold Independent School District model, " Estes said.

There are three-thousand licensed gun instructors in Texas. Estes said train them in active shooter situations just like security guards, policeman, and Sheriff Deputy's. "train these instructors to a higher level a higher certification. School safety whatever you want to call it instructor. And then have those instructors train these teachers and administrators that have been chosen," he said. He also says the Harrold I.S.D. model is the most cost effective and has support from the parents and students in that district.

The debate on whether or not concealed weapons should be in schools will be on-going. However, there are only 56 days left in the legislative session.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.