Airport Designers Consider Conservation

Architects, engineers and Wichita Falls city staff members met for 2 days last week to discuss the progress on plans for Stage 2 of the Wichita Falls Regional Airport. Phase 1 is currently underway, and visitors to the airport can see a stretch of new concrete that will eventually be a new entrance.

One thing architects like David Potter have tried to keep in mind is energy and water conservation. He said, "We have energy efficient roofs, we have energy efficient glass we have excellent insulation. We have a lot of principles that are included in good sustainable design."

One proposed plan calls for collecting rain water and waste water produced by air conditioning units in an underground tank. The water could then be treated and used in 2 fountains and for irrigation. Potter said, "In our early study we actually thought we could be full, or have water about 85-90% of the time. We might have to use city water for a month."

Since the early study, Potted said they have found even more places to draw water from on the airport grounds. The question now is how much will the project cost, and how long will it take for the project to pay for itself in water savings.

Director of Aviation, Traffic and Transportation, John Burrus, said its all about the cost at this point and whether his department can sell it to the City Council.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6