Nine Cuban Nationals have been arrested and face a number of charges including Credit Card Fraud, and Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information. The crime spree is being investigated by multiple agency's across the state of Texas. Twenty victims in Wichita Falls have come forward, so far. "We're asking for people to come forward also, the check their statements. And to come forward if they see any discrepancies in their statement when they can report it to the front desk", said Detective Jason Jones of the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Detective Jones works in the Financial Crimes Unit and says bank customers need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves from fraud, especially skimming. "Well they should always examine the device that they're sticking their card into, to make sure there are no magnetic strips outside where they're sticking the credit card to", Jones said.

Skimming is a technique thieves use to steal credit card information. Take advantage of technology. There are benefits to using apps available for smart phones and tablets, often these apps are free. Jones said, "online banking is a good thing. And from mobile devices or computers they're able to look at their statements daily if not hourly, check it. It's great to check once or twice a day just to look for charges, because fraud is happening more and more."

When checking your bank statement, if unknown charges are found, immediately notify the bank. Also, go to the local police station and file a report. Be sure to bring a printed copy of your bank statement, that shows the fraudulent charges.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.