Saving Drumstick

Saving Drumstick

At the corner of Midwestern and Manor a black Labrador Retriever has been spotted in the sewer drain. An outpouring from the community has many people lending a hand to get the popular pup out before tonight's storm. "With the rain coming and the storm coming we know he survived the last rain. But, you never know if he might be stuck in there, broke leg or something is keeping him from coming out. And our main thing is to get him out, get him out to safety", said Kelly Bryan of Cherry Heart Rescue.

The puppy has the community scratching their heads as to how to get him out. Traps have been placed in the drain by animal control and Cherry Heart Rescue. Katrena Mitchell, Animal Services Administrator for Wichita Falls says, "we have had an officer in the drain looking around unable to locate the puppy. So it just depends on what the situation is and what it calls for."

Traps have been placed in both drains at the busy intersection. Concerned community members have been following the drains and putting traps at other access points. One rescuer says, "he likes chicken. They nicknamed him "Drumstick" because he eats chicken. So we put some of that in a trap and hopefully that'll lure him in and rescue him."

Despite the many attempts at catching him, the popular pooch has avoided the traps, so far. Rescuers don't want to chase him, fearful that he will run into the busy street, however, they aren't throwing in the towel. "Basically just watching to see if it gets into the trap that animal control left and also we put another trap in," says Charles Cherry of Cherry Heart Rescue.

With storms approaching rescuers are concerned that debris may trap "Drumstick" in the drain, and put his life in danger. But Mitchell says he may be smarter than some think. "He may have other ways to get out, you know he has been seen outside of the drain. He's been on the street he's been seen in the parking lot of the businesses next door. And so he is capable of getting out," she said.

Hopefully this story will have a happy ending, as for now rescuers are taking shifts, watching the drain for the illusive puppy called "Drumstick."

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.