Puppy Stuck In Drain Got Out And Was Rescued

Puppy Stuck In Drain Got Out And Was Rescued

The puppy named Drumstick that was trapped in the drains for two weeks has now been rescued.

Animal Control, Cherry Heart Rescue and Texas Pit Crew spent hours trying to get Drumstick out of the drain yesterday but the dog found his way out and was spotted inside Johnson's Furniture Storage this morning.

Animal Control, and a police officer went to Johnson's Furniture Storage to grab the dog. Apparently someone who lives near the storage had been feeding the dog there the whole time. Finally the dog was caught and wrapped up in a blanket. Animal control officials say he was very scared.

We are a re-claim hold facility so we have a hold on the puppy. He'll be here five days. Then the Humane Society I'm sure will be flooded with calls to adopt the puppy. We do contracts with them to do adoptions. I know I've given out two applications already since the puppy's been here so hopefully they'll be choosing not the first town but the best town for this puppy," said Katrena Mitchell from Animal Control.

You can contact the Wichita County Humane Society at this number: 940-855-4941.