New Boss In Bowie

New Boss In Bowie

Bowie residents welcomed new City Manager Ricky Tow at a "welcome reception" in the community room on Wednesday.

Tow came from Cameron, TX, where he served as City Manager for five years. He grew up in Alvord, about 30 miles South of Bowie, so he is very familiar with the city.

Still, Tow said he has a lot to learn about the community he'll be serving. "It's all about learning the heritage and everything of it, and fitting in to make that ongoing project that they've got going," said Tow. "Just figuring out where they're going and falling into that and helping them succeed in getting there."

James Cantwell is retiring from the City Manager position after 20 years, but plans to stay busy with his personal fence business.

Cantwell said he is confident in Tow's ability to take over the position, and points to his reputation proven in Cameron.

"Things are pretty smooth in Bowie, the economy is good and it's easy really to make a living, get along and be happy," said Cantwell. However, he does believe Tow will face challenges. "It's not necessarily easy because... Bowie is kind of out here in the middle of the world, so we have to have everything. And to be able to have everything, we have to be able to afford it."

Tow said he will have an open door policy, and residents are encouraged to stop by his office at 304 Lindsey in Bowie or call (940) 872-1114.