Man Arrested And Charged For Sexual Assault

Man Arrested And Charged For Sexual Assault

A man was arrested and charged for a sexually assaulting an 8-year old girl last December.

Robert Ray Rios was charged with aggravated sexual assault on Wednesday.

Officers were sent to Evergreen Dr. on December 2nd, 2012 for a sex assault on the 8-year old girl.

She was given a forensic interview and she said she was at her house sleeping in bed when he assaulted her.  She described the incident to authorities in detail.  She ran to her parents and told them what happened after he tried touching her.

Officers talked to everyone involved and all of the claims were consistent with one another.

Rios claimed that he was sleeping and woke up because he had to use the restroom.  On his way he said he lost his balance and fell forward, landing on the victim.

The Officers looked at the layout of the residence and determined that Rios would have had to of walked 10-12ft. across the room to have landed on the victim.

He bond was set at $150,000.