Working in Texoma

Working in Texoma

Going to work means bringing home the bacon? Employment and wage numbers released show that some Texomans may be working for less. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released average weekly wages by county in Texas. The average wages for counties in Texoma are much less than the state and national average. "I think we are quite low compared to the rest of the state and the rest of the country," said one resident.

The national average is 906.00 dollars per week. The state average comes in slightly higher at 930.00 dollars per week. But Wichita County's weekly wage average is just 675.00 dollars. "The cost of living being lower is the reason why the wages are lower. But I think that it's not low enough to justify how low the wages are for this county," the resident said.

Some area averages are even lower, Clay County averages 593.00 dollars, Baylor-522.00, and the lowest is Foard with an average of just 453.00 dollars per week. "With today's economy and the way the salary is you do have to get some extra help to make ends meet," another resident said.

Some counties in Texoma had a much higher weekly wage. Young County's average is 705.00 dollars per week, Knox County's is 754.00 and higher than the state and national average is King County. Resident's there make an average of 944.00 dollars per week. "Even making pretty okay money, it still doesn't cover the cost of food and rent and clothes for your children and miscellaneous things that you might need for your family," one lady said standing with her three children.

Newschannel Six asked Texoman's if making more money meant moving to another county. "If I could I would in a heartbeat," the woman said. One gentleman replied "unfortunately that's the way it looks. I know my family is here, this is where I grew up, this is what I know. But, you got business you've got to handle. I got children, you know, but it's what you gotta do.>

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Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.