City Will Help Pay For MSU's Baseball Stadium

City Will Help Pay For MSU's Baseball Stadium

Midwestern State University is looking to hit a home run with the construction of a new baseball stadium that would create the school's first baseball team and possibly attract a  semi pro or independent minor league team.

"It gives Midwestern State University the ability to increase our student population. Obviously these are people that ordinarily would not come to MSU but it would be part of our recruiting efforts," said Howard Farrell, the vice president of MSU.

But for Wichita Falls residents there's a catch. The stadium would cost between $3 million to $5 million to build. Farrell says the school has already raised around $2 million from private funds but the city's 4B Sales Tax Corporation Board of Directors has agreed to give MSU $300,000 for the project. City council now officially supports the decision. That has left some residents feeling uneasy.

"MSU is a major economic driver in this city and with the teacher salaries and the students and what they do for retail sales and our sales tax, for us to help out with this one, I'm a firm believer," said Tim Ingle, a city council member.

But a Wichita Falls resident says, "I think it has gotten to a point where it's going to take the low income people's tax money to fulfill glory baseball dreams of anybody."

MSU officials say Texoma high schools could also use the baseball stadium which is expected to hold 750 spectators. One possible location could be around Nocona Trail and Council Dr. Construction could start as soon as August.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6