Remembrance Run

Remembrance Run

Members of the Wichita Falls community got together at Sikes Lake to show their support for the victims of the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing. "The fact that it was at the end of a sporting event such as a huge monumental occasion such as finishing a marathon. You know whether you're a weekend athlete, or you have children that are athlete's, or you're a runner yourself it really did strike close to home," said, Michelle Burrus--the walk organizer.

There was an out-pouring of people in the community that wanted to do something but didn't know what to do. Then Burrus got an idea, "Let's have a moment of silence for those that lost their lives and were also injured in the marathon yesterday and just show our support by walking a lap or two and inviting anyone that wants to come."

Jake Vandonge a participant in the walk, says he was touched by the number of people that ran to help those wounded in the bombing. "It really touched me that there were a lot of people that really wanted to help and not so much just criticize what happened and everything. So, I think that might be a little bit of what the group came together today for, was just to remember the people and to you know, show support for when things happen," said Vandonge.

About 30 people--men, women, and children walked, jogged, and ran around the lake to finish what many in Boston were unable to do. Burrus wants the victims and their families to know that hearts in Texoma go out to them. She said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with them, here in the North Texas community. I think in some small way we can all understand the tragedy that they're going through. And we just want them to know that we're thinking about them."

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six