I.D.E.A WF Competition Winner's Get A Business Boost

I.D.E.A WF Competition Winner's Get A Business Boost

Tony Corsaut is this year's winner of the I.D.E.A. WF competition's "Startup-Go" category.

Corsaut received almost $30,000 in services that will help him start a business with his invention called "Night Logos."

"It will shine the name of a school or company as the taillight but on the ground below your car, behind your car will be the logo of that company or school," said Corsaut.

And while Corsaut is excited to kick off his business, Keeno's Steakhouse Jerky owners are excited to expand theirs now that they've won the "Expansion-Grow" category. Owner Katheryn Keeney says they saw the competition as a challenge and now they plan to invest in the community with some of the cash they won.

"Besides opening other locations in different cities we're going to continue to contribute to different youth ministries here and else where," said Katheryn Kenney.

The competition required the businesses to get the majority of their revenue from outside Wichita, Archer, and Clay counties. They were also required to create three new jobs because ultimately the contest is about economic development. Organizers say currently more and more jobs are coming from small businesses and Wichita Falls has seen big employers leave in the last decade.

Jeff Stambaugh from Midwestern State University says, "The idea is that we're taking charge of our own economy, not waiting for some big company to come here and bless us. Instead we're going to grow what we got right here."

And Corsaut is grateful for the help his getting to achieve his dream.

"Companies that are out there and are successful and their willingness to come out and help other companies get started is really phenomenal. I really like seeing the community involvement and support," said Corsaut.

There was another winner from the competition. Two Sisters Bakery won close to $15,000 in the "Judge's Choice" category.

Everyone who attended the I.D.E.A WF Awards Luncheon today got to hear an inspiring speech from the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Dell Steve Felice.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6