Sparking Opportunity

Sparking Opportunity

Students at Iowa Park High School are getting a great new opportunity in the fall. "We're just excited to partner with the high schools so that we can offer kids a better way to get started in college. It's a great way for them to understand that they need something after high school," said Michelle Wood, Director of Continuing Education at Vernon College.

A partnership has been created between the high school and Vernon College for a Continuing Education Welding Program. Jodi Schlaud, Academic Coordinator for I.P.H.S. says, the students were given a survey to find out what they wanted. "The two things our kids wanted to do career wise were, the Health Sciences Program which we are doing currently with Vernon College right now, and then welding was the other thing. So when the grant came across my desk that's the first think I thought was, we can get a welding program with this, " said Schlaud.

The shop at I.P.H.S. will be configured as close as possible to the shop at Vernon College, with one on one welding machines and booths. All paid for by the grant. "The grant came from T.E.A. It's a grant big enough to allow us to get some new equipment and for to help pay tuition assistance for some of our dual credit kids as well as for our welding kids," said Schlaud.

Wood says vocational programs are a great way for students to learn that they need something after high school. "It was another good fit basically, because it doesn't cost the students anything to take the programs but it gives them a great, great head start into getting into a career field where they can be licensed and get really good paying jobs, and not be that far behind when they get out of school," said Wood.

The only cost to students will be a 25 dollar fee per course. For transferring from Continuing Education to credit. "It's a really cheap way to get from Continuing Ed to credit. And get to claim those credits and get to advance either to an advance welding certificate or an Associates of Science degree," said Wood. The welding class will be available to the Junior class starting in the fall

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.