Losing the Texas Lottery?

Losing the Texas Lottery?

A routine bill reauthorizing the Texas Lottery Commission was put up for vote today. The bill sparked quite a long and passionate debate in the Texas House. A vote of no would mean the end of the Texas Lottery. "If they get rid of the lotto can't nobody hit the jackpot, can't nobody strike it rich and win and can't nobody pay they bills," one Texoman said.

The house voted and the results were 82 to 64, the measure was defeated. "It'd be pretty much a loss for me, I'd be pretty upset. I'm tryna win so I can give back to my community but if they take it away, I would be pretty upset," one man responded when asked how he would feel if the lottery was canceled.

The state budget currently being considered by the legislature is relying on 2.2 billion dollars for public education, from the lottery. When asked what kind of effect would be felt on Texoman responded, "well I feel that the money they put toward Texas schooling, I feel it would be a loss for our children. You know, people who are going to grow up and be leaders of our city, doctor's, lawyers."

During a lunch recess, lawmakers were urged by party leaders to reconsider, they did and the bill was put up for a second vote. Lawmakers voted to reauthorize the commission. "I think any budget cuts to school funding is you know not good. Maybe they should keep the lottery involved just for that fact," one man said.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.