City View Students Help West Victims

Students in the City View ISD are donating $1,200 to Region 12 Education Services; where hundreds of students lost their schools a week ago in a deadly plant explosion in West, Texas.

The students are part of the City View UIL Academic Team and their director Chuck Thompson says the small community is a familiar to his competitors. He said, "We go through West, the stop is just kind of one of our things we do every year."

The break during the long drive to Austin, is always at a West landmark: The Czech Stop, a bakery just off the highway. As the events unfold last week, Thompson said his students remembered their time in the small town. "I think because we've stopped there so many times, they just felt like it could have been them. They felt like it could have been their school this happened to and we're close enough where we can do something."

The money is coming from funds generated by online academic competitions coordinated by Thompson. Last year he started virtual competitions to save money on travel, and many Texas schools have jumped at the opportunity to save.

Thompson said when he met with his students they decided to donate $5 for every school they competed with online. Then he reached out to those schools... "A flood of them came back immediately saying we want in, we want to help. They're sending checks to us and then we're going to put those into an activity account here and then write a check on to West."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6