A Year of Refuge

A Year of Refuge

Often times, women who are in need of help don't know where to turn to. That's when "The Faith Refuge" springs into action. One woman at the shelter says the Faith Refuge means everything to her.

Michelle Hensley came to the Faith Refuge ten months ago seeking for help. She says "I came here for drug addiction and when I got here, I was broken and I was shameful… I couldn't look anyone in the eye." The Faith Refuge is a shelter that helps homeless women achieve self-sufficiency. It provides shelter, food, clothing as well as spiritual and work based classes for individuals to get back on their feet.

Faith Refuge Executive Director Steve Sparks says "Our goal is to provide more than just shelter--- we also wana provide the help that they need to get back on their feet to find housing, to find jobs, medical and legal attention."

May 7th marks the one year anniversary for the facility. Within the past year, Faith Refuge has provided more than 10 thousand beds and more than 300 women have taken advantage of their services. Lately, they have seen an increase in women with children seeking for help. Steve believes that refuge is a bright light in the Wichita Falls community. Collaborating with the whole community is what helped put the facility together.

The refuge has case workers and advocates on site to help assess individual situations. They also provide family advocacy and recovery programs. Looking into the future, the refuge hopes to grow so that they can reach out to more women and continue to provide security and hope for many.

For Michelle, this place has given her hope, a future and it has given her back. She recommends Faith Refuge for any struggling women out there and says it has taught her how to live a new life and stay humble.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.