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FBI Questions Teen In Texoma After Suspicious Items Were Found In Car

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Days after the Boston bombings, an out of town teen was pulled over on a Texoma highway with a pressure cooker, fertilizer and fireworks all in the car.

It all started when a homeless man called authorities last Friday saying he was stranded on the intersection of Highway 82 and Republican Rd. just west of Holliday. The man said he had taken a ride with 17-year-old Frank Reynolds and they ran out of gas.

Archer County Sheriff Staci Beesinger says, when one of her deputies got there the teenager was acting very strange and seemed to be high. The deputy searched the car. Inside he found K-2 and a pipe but in the trunk he found a pressure cooker, fertilizer, fireworks, electrical connectors and other items that could be components of an explosive device.

Reynolds was arrested and taken to the Archer Co. jail for possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. But the sheriff's office was not going to take the other materials found lightly. They called in the FBI to investigate.

FBI Public Affairs Agent Katherine Chaumont says Reynolds told investigators he uses the pressure cooker to grow mushrooms. In fact she released this statement that says:

"Local special agents and a member of the Dallas Critical Incident Response Team conducted an assessment of the items and interviewed the suspect. After the interview and inspection of the items, it was determined that the items were not potential components for a bomb, but instead could be used to cultivate hallucinogenic mushrooms."

Some Texomans are just not buying it.

"I've never heard of anybody growing mushrooms in a pressure cooker so that doesn't sound like a credible story to me," said an Archer City resident.

Another Archer county resident says, "After what happened in Boston I think the entire country is very scared especially now that people seem to be using all kinds of accessible materials to make bombs."

But others stand by the federal agents.

"If they've done an in depth check where they found nothing to be alarmed about then I trust that. The FBI really has our best interest in mind and our safety.>

Reynolds was released from the Archer Co. Jail on Sunday when his parents bailed him out. He is from the Fort Worth area and he was actually listed as a runaway the day of the incident. Reynolds told investigators he was headed to Colorado.


Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6