Archer Co. Courthouse's Security Will Be Upgraded

Archer Co. Courthouse's Security Will Be Upgraded

The Archer County Sheriff's Office is taking no chances when it comes to keeping people and employees secure at its courthouse and annex.

Especially now after a Kaufman County District Attorney, his wife and another prosecutor were killed recently.

"It's something that made us get back on our toes and think hey we need to look and make sure that someone of the things that happened there, you know, that we try to prevent those kinds of things here," said the chief deputy at the Archer Co. Sheriff's Office.

And residents who have witnessed a tragedy at a courthouse first hand in other places couldn't agree more.

"We had some people in mobile, one individual got all the way up to the metal detectors, pulled a gun out and started shooting deputies and the guards right there in the courthouse," said an Archer City resident who used to live in Mobile, AL.

And another resident says, "I think anything that we do that will help ensure the safety of our judges and the people who work at the courthouse is fine by me."

Curd says the security at the courthouse and annex hasn't been fully upgraded in about 6 years. So in order to prevent tragedy from striking, the sheriff's office is planning on adding new number code locks to the entrances of some of the offices. High resistance glass will be installed where it's needed, security cameras will also have a sharper image and even more deputies will be monitoring what happens inside the court room.

Curd says, "Some people get upset with the court system because they get sent to prison or their family members are being sent to prison and sometimes people don't take that very well. Occasionally you do see people wanting to do harm to the government for that reason."

Curd says he's not sure how much the improvements will cost but the sheriff's office is planning on paying for them with money from the courthouse security fund.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6