Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue

Unseasonably cold temperatures have caught some gardeners off guard. "If you sat one of the tropical type houseplants outdoors and we had freezing weather, you probably killed it. But you would know. It would be very apparent if they had been damaged to that point or not," said Katherine Smith, Co-Owner of Smith's Gardentown Farms.

Katherine says don't fret, it may not be too late to save your plants. "If plants are showing some signs that they've been a little bitten back a little bit by the freeze, and this would apply to trees and shrubs and some of the flowers; just trim them a little bit and fertilize. And they should pop out of it," said Katherine.

Like a lot of novice gardeners, one honest shopper admits she has no idea what to do with her plants when temperatures drop. "I have friends that put mulch down which I guess protects them from hot and cold. But really, honestly, I have no idea," said the shopper.

Katherine says, the worst thing you can do to plants during a freeze is put plastic over them. "When you are trying to give the plants a little bit of help during the cold weather, you should cover them with a light cloth. And it needs to go all the way to the ground because, what you're trying to do is capture some of the heat that's in the soil," said Katherine.

Another shopper says with some tips from Youtube and blogs, and some good old-fashioned trial and error, he got the hang of it. But it helps to know what you're doing. "If they haven't really looked into it, if they're just trying to start an herb garden, then most of the time they'll probably kill it. Cuz that's what I did and what my friends do. And most people have to do trial and error before they get things right," said 14 year-old Joey while shopping for plants with his mom.

Katherine says this is the best time of year to plant whatever you're heart or garden desires. And for a last bit of advice she says, "if your plant looks like it's dead it's probably dead. So just take it out and start over."

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.