High Speed Chase Across Texoma

Newschannel 6 crews learned two young people forbidden to be together, steal the car, and runaway.

But this Romeo & Juliet story instead ends in a high speed chase, across multiple Texoma counties.

Law enforcement said it started in Archer County when a Deputy tried to pull over a young man and woman. They didn't stop, or slow down, which started a chase that got up to speeds of 130 mph.

The chase involved DPS Troopers and The Archer, Wichita and Clay County Sheriff's Office.

It finally ended around 4:30 p.m. in Clay County near a church in Byers.

Deputies said when they finally had the car boxed in, the boyfriend, rammed the vehicle into a Wichita County Sheriff's Deputies car, causing both vehicles to wreck out in a bar ditch.

They both face multiple charges and have been taken to the Wichita County Juvenile Detention Center.