Stranger Sneaks Into Female's Dorm Room At MSU

Stranger Sneaks Into Female's Dorm Room At MSU

An unlocked door caused a Midwestern State University student and her friend to experience a nightmare.

MSU Police say the two girls were sleeping in the same bed on Sunday around 5 a.m. That's when a strange man walked into the student's dorm room at MSU's Sunwatcher Apartments. The man crawled into bed and laid next to one of the females. A few minutes later he laid next to the other girl and put his hand on her leg.

"Once the young lady woke up and realized what was going on and said something the subject left the scene and of course we have a description and continue to look for him," said Dan Williams, MSU's chief of police.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male between 18 and 24 years old. He's about 5'10, 160 pounds with no facial hair and a very pronounced chin. He was wearing a black jacket with a hoodie, knee high black socks and black shorts. Even though officers are in the middle of a manhunt they say the campus is safe. Students agree.

"I was concerned about it just because I know some people who keep their doors unlocked but I don't leave mine unlocked ever so I wasn't concerned about myself with that incident," said an MSU student.

Another student shares the same thoughts. He says "I didn't feel unsafe at all. I don't think anybody else feels unsafe. We just think it's kind of a rare thing to happen. We have posters inside our dorms and around campus that tell you to lock your doors and keep yourself and your stuff safe so they try to take care of us as much as they can."

MSU's Chief of Police Dan Williams says in the last year they've had 16 burglaries inside the dorms and they've all involved unlocked doors but this is the first case where the suspect made physical contact with a victim.

"You know all it takes is one incident and people have to take responsibility for their own well being and crime prevention," said Williams.

If you have any information you should contact the MSU Police department immediately by calling (940) 397-4239. You can also go to

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6