Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Today the 2nd Annual Work Hard Work Smart Job Fair was held at the Sikes Senter Mall. Job seekers from all over Texoma came prepared to land that perfect job. And businesses weren't in short supply. "We have well over 75 vendors that are here, looking for job applicants to fill their positions," said Sarah Lage, Coordinator for the Work Hard, Work Smart Program.

Lage says the turnout was better than expected, when asked how many people were in attendance. "I would say thousands. I know last year we had about 25-hundred. And I would say we already surpassed that number already this year," said lage.

I spoke with some job seekers. Who attended for all different reasons. Melissa Echols said, "I came here looking for a full-time job to fill the gap for summer, until I find a teaching job that starts in August. So that's what I've been looking for."

Michelle Pierce is new to the area and saved a lot of gas by coming to the job fair instead of driving around looking. "Looking for different places seeing if they're hiring. They're all right here, they're all hiring, they're all hiring for different types of positions. So even if I don't see Receptionist, I may see something else that I like, and it's all in one location," said Pierce.

Terrance Smith said he was looking for an I.T. job and made some great connections. "So far I've had a couple of good opportunities to speak with people here. And I think it's a great initiative," he said.

Business Representatives were also pleased with the turnout. Spontanee Wheatfall from Cleartalk Wireless said, "we've gotten a lot of applications for the surrounding areas Burk, Iowa Park, which is something we're really excited about." They were also excited with the way the applicants presented themselves; finding a number of potential employees. Alex Battista from theWichita Falls Country Club said, "I'm, liking that they're coming with their resumes, so they're coming prepared."

The successful job fair also touted resume critiquing by staffing agencies, a business fashion show, and job search assistance. For information on jobs in Wichita Falls, Click Here

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.