Woods St. Murder Arrest

Woods St. Murder Arrest

Three suspects in the first Wichita Falls murder of 2013 were charged Thursday with capital murder in connection to the death of David May. He was found dead inside his home on Woods Street in January.

The suspects are Brandon Mabonga, 19, Davontay Johnson, 18 and Jonathan Booker, 18.

During the W.F.P.D interview with Mabonga, he admitted he had driven Brooker and Johnson to the scene.  Johnson was carrying a small, silver colored two-shot Derringer pistol.  Broker had a shot gun with S scope attached.

Mabonga said Johnson and Brooker exited the vehicle, and he later heard arguments and saw Johnson fire one gunshot into the air.  He then heard Johnson shout, "You've got seven seconds to tell me what I want or I'll kill you."  Then Mabonga heard a gunshot after Johnson started counting.

Johnson and Brooker rushed back to the vehicle and they all fled back to Johnson's house.

According to Madbonga, Johnson threatened to kill anyone who talked about the shooting/

Mobonga positively identified the recovered weapons after he was shown photos.

"These gentleman, we believe, were targeting people who either had money or possibly drugs in possession. We believe that these subjects or suspects were robbing people of either their money or the drugs that they had," Sgt. Bill Henning of the W.F.P.D. said.

Officials said Booker and Johnson were already in custody on charges of aggravated robbery. Mabonga was arrested Thursday.

"This wasn't their first crime, and they were being very brutal out there in committing these robberies. I think if it hadn't been for the good work of our police officers and detectives here, we'd still be working some of these crimes," Chief Borrego said.

Judge Larry Gillen recommended bail be set at $2 million. Chief Borrego said the police department worked closely with the District Attorney's office on this case.

"Our detectives worked long hours, they worked diligently, they worked as a team with the Gang Task Force and patrol out on the street, with other agencies and also with our citizens who came in and gave us tips," Chief Borrego said.

Police still need help from the public as this investigation is still ongoing. If anyone has information, contact Crime Stoppers at (940) 322-9888 or Detective Brad Love at (940) 761-7792.